International Environmental Standards DevelopmentWe participate in a number of regional and International (IEC and ISO) environmental standards development groups based on our clients interests. This helps keep you informed of emerging requirements/trends and influences standards with technical contributions. We can also provide direct representation or support in standards development.



ECD Compliance (ECD Technology Ltd.) participates in the following standardization areas:
  • IEC/TC111 - Environmental standardization for electrical and electronic products and systems

Several of the IEC/TC111 standards are commonly used for assessing compliance to regulations such as EU RoHS (and other global RoHS regulations), EU REACH (declaration of SVHCs), WEEE, and emerging carbon footprint and environmental footprint regulations. The standards provide tools for material declaration, assessing restricted substance controls, analytical testing, etc.

A summary of standards developed by IEC/TC111 and standards currently under development is available here

  • ISO IEC/JTC1/SC39 Sustainability for and by Information Technology

The joint ISO and IEC standards committee JTC1/SC39 Sustainability for and by Information Technology" is developing International Standards related to the resource efficiency associated with Information Technology equipment. Current standards in development are focused on environmental performance of data centers and other Information Technology Equipment. Additional information is available on the ECD blog at:


  • IEEE 1680: IEEE Standard for Environmental Assessment of Electronic Products

The IEEE 1680 series of standards have been the basis for manufacturers to register their environmentally preferable products on the EPEATtm registry.

IEEE 1680.1 is currently being revised (IEEE Standard for Environmental Assessment of Personal Computer Products, Including Notebook Personal Computers, Desktop Personal Computers, and Personal Computer Displays)


  • UL110 - Standard for Sustainap;bility for Mobile Phones


  • NSF 426 - Environmental Leadership Standard for Servers

For additional information on how we can support your organization with our standards development activities, please contact us.