EPEAT Environmental RegistryThe EPEAT™ registry enables product manufacturers to identify their environmentally preferable products to customers.

Many government departments and a growing number of large corporations will purchase only those IT products that are on the EPEAT™ registry. EPEAT™ provides a simple method for procurement organizations to specify an overall environmental performance level (bronze, silver, gold). This allows them to cover a broad range of corporate and product environmental criteria with a single specification in their RFQs.

The EPEAT™ registry includes PCs, laptops, monitors, printers, scanners, and televisions and is expanding to include servers and mobile phones. The EPEAT™ ratings are based on environmental performance criteria that consider materials selection, design for end of life, energy use, product longevity, corporate performance, packaging, consumables and air quality (for applicable products) .

Conformity to the EPEAT™ requirements is complex including many subtleties in the wording of criteria requirements and clarifications that need to be taken into account. ECD Compliance (ECD Technology Ltd.) can assist manufacturers in understanding these subtleties and helping to develop solutions if needed. Integrity of the EPEAT™ registry is maintained through periodic verification of products on the registry. Non-conformances are made public so it's important for manufacturers to know that their solutions meet the requirements for all criteria being claimed.

Technical support from ECD Compliance (ECD Technology Ltd.) can help reduce time to conform with the EPEAT™ requirements and to increase conformity assurance.

 ECD Compliance staff are experienced in working with manufacturers to:

  • Understand the subtleties in the criteria and consult on potential solutions;
  • Assess product conformity to ensure that it meets the EPEAT™ desk review requirements and/or identify any gaps that need to be addressed before a product is put on the registry;
  • Ensure that the necessary verification requirements are available; and
  • Perform EPEAT™ verifications.

We have a EPEAT™ certified qualified verifier (QV) for all product types on the registry.

Contact ECD Compliance (ECD Technology Ltd.) for EPEAT™ conformity and verifications.