REACH ComplianceECD Compliance can help your organization implement a compliance system for REACH SVHCs based on engineering assessment, chemical knowledge, and supply chain information.

REACH Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006) is a European chemicals regulation that applies to nearly all products that are manufactured or imported into the European Union. It is a complex regulation consolidating over 40 previous legislations, while adding various new requirements. Organizations that manufacture or import products containing an SVHC have compliance obligations.

The first SVHC candidate list was officially published on October 28, 2008 with 15 substances. As of June 2014, the SVHC candidate list has grown to 155 entries with additional substances added twice a year. When new SVHC are added, there are immediate communication requirements for manufacturers and importers


REACH SVHC Communication Obligations

REACH Article 33 "Duty to communicate information on substances in articles" has been the key obligation driving manufacturers, importers, and distributers to determine whether SVHC exist in their products. If a candidate list SVHC is in the article at greater than 0.1% weight over weight, the manufacturer or importer has communication obligations to recipients.

Reporting obligations require, at a minimum, identification of the chemical and information on safe use. For organizations that are not in the EU, but whose products may end up in the EU, their customers will need the information for downstream reporting.